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Museu Virtual do Porto de Setúbal




Exoneration of Responsibilities

APSS – Administration of the Ports of Setubal and Sesimbra, SA manages this website with the purpose of facilitating access and public disclosure of information about the company’s activities in general and the Ports of Setubal and Sesimbra in particular.

We aim to assure, at every moment, that the information available is accurate and that it is permanently updated, correcting at all times eventual imprecisions, mistakes or deficiencies which are detected or communicated to APSS, by any means of contact.

However APSS or its representatives, declines any responsibility over the mistakes, insufficiency or imprecision of information in this website, as well as the use that it may have by third parties, and the user assumes all and any consequence or responsibility that may arise from such use, directly or indirectly.

The disclosed information contents do not hold APSS obliged and cannot translate rigorously its official and current position over the subjects mentioned in this site, and the user should consult APSS’ service orders, over any matter and for any effect, as per previous written communication address to its Board of Directors, or competent services.

This site allows, through the inclusion of links, that the user accesses other sites, this possibility does not involve, at any title, the recognition by APSS that the website to which the user is referred is trust worthy, and assuming any responsibility for its contents and information or even guarantee of maintenance and/or accessibility to such material.

APSS does not assume any responsibility for the eventual impossibility to access this website and other external websites linked to it, difficulty accessing html, pdf or any other format files which are made available, as well as any damages, namely direct or indirect damages, loss of profits, activity interruption, loss of information or any other abnormal situations generating responsibility, that may result, in all or partly, in access being unavailable.

The user should be warned that consulting the available information in this website does not dispense consultation of original documents or respective sources internal or external to APSS, legal or otherwise, nor the verification of its conformity, APSS not being responsibility for any mistakes of transcription or damages that may arise from the use.

APSS fulfills the disposed in Law 67/98 of 26 th October (Personal Data Protection Law). The user that wishes to acquire some or all of the products in the online store has the right to access information about its personal data, rectify them if they are not correct, or even erase them, sending a message by email to . The user may get additional information about the protection of its private life consulting the National Data Protection Commission at .

The personal information supplied by the user when carrying out the purchase of products in the website is APSS’ exclusive information being protected from being disclosed to third parties without previous agreement from its owner.